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ISO 9001




Maintenance Contract


As well as providing full implementation and guaranteed certification for your ISO system, we also offer a maintenance contract that encompasses the complete annual certification and maintenance of your ISO system as it develops.


This is one of our most common services which our clients prefer as it enables us to manage their systems and it allows them up to concentrate on running their business!


The maintenance contract that AW ISO Consultants offers includes:


• Full support throughout the year, via email and telephone


• The planning and completion of the internal audits


• A full internal compliance audit


• The management review


• Attendance at the annual surveillance audit by the certification company.


for more information about our maintenance contract please contact us.

This is one of the major questions we are continually asked.


How much is it to implement a system?


Why does that standard cost more to implement than another?


How much is ongoing maintenance?


And the answers are........


There is no easy answer and let me explain why:


When we are looking to implement your system there are a number of factors to consider which is why we recommend an initial face to face meeting and cannot give a cost over the phone, much like a mechanic diagnosing a fault unseen.


We need to consider the size of the business, the complexity and whatever system is currently in place.  Different standards also attract different costs with ISO 27001 being more expensive to implement due to the level of information needed to conform to the standard.


This is why we arrange to visit your place of work and through discussion find out your exact requirements. From there we produce a quotation which is emailed to you within 24 hours.


Any costs quoted do not include the costs of going for certification.  This will be provided by the Certification Body.


To arrange a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us on the number below.