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ISO 9001:2015

By Andrew Wilcock, Oct 5 2015 02:09PM

Well it is now officially with us, the latest incarnation of ISO 9001 the Quality Standard.

But what does it mean to us?

For a start there are now 10 clauses.

Significant changes - include that top management are now required to demonstrate that they engage in key quality management system activities rather than just ensuring they occur.

Some of the responsibilites performed by the management representative will now need to be carried out by top management.

Risk-based thinking - an organisation must evidence that they have considered any risks or opportunities that may come from inside or outside the organisation that could impact on their QMS, or affect customer satisfaction.

Documentation - there is now no requirement for a documented quality manual, but the organisation can choose to keep it if they have one already.

It is early days to determine some of the affects above and the impact they will have on each organisation, but they will come in regardless over time.

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