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By guest, Jul 8 2015 12:21PM

It may just be me, but I find a lot of valuable information that was available some years ago just isn't there any more. Both the dti and Business Link were a valuable resource for information on Quality Management and business. The dti produced documents titled Quality Management 'Achieving best practice in your business'. This 5 step approach is still a valuable tool today and would help a lot of businesses improve their processes by going through the following steps:

Step 1: Vision, Mission and values

Step 2: Setting objectives and targets

Step 3: Benchmarking and assessing needs

Step 4: Process assessments

Step 5: Process improvement

Please feel free to email me for further information on this approach at [email protected]

The good news about the information that was on the Business Link webiste, is that it can be found on Although this relates to Northern Ireland most of it is still relevant and a great resource.

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