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ISO 9001

ISO 14001


What is your environmental impact?


Few people would argue with the fact that the biggest impact on the environment is man.  At home we are asked to insulate our homes, have an energy efficient boiler and recycle amongst other things.


What about work though? Do we know what impact our business has on its surroundings?


ISO 14001 is the Management Standard that covers the environment.  It is similar to that of ISO 9001 and can be either a stand alone system, or added to other standards as part of an integrated system.  It focuses on the environmental aspects of your organisation and the impact your organisation has on the environment.  The standard is suitable for all organisations.


Compliance with ISO 14001 demonstrates that your organisation is doing all it can to reduce its environmental impact on its surrounding environment.


The benefits can be significant; for example reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill and ensuring legal compliance with regulations.


What the standard consists of:


Environmental Management’ means keeping control of your activities to conserve natural resources and avoid polluting them.


The Environmental system adopted needs to reflect the complexity of your organisations activities, the work environment, and must be proportionate to the environmental risk.


Why do it?


Certification to the standard demonstrates that your organisation is environmentally responsible and is often required when tendering for work, especially with large organisations.


What are the benefits?


Cost savings - i.e. reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill

Effective use of resources - i.e. using both sides of the paper when printing, and recycling of ink cartridges

Commitment - many employees now like to work for environmentally friendly organisations

Sales Opportunities - may be part of the tendering process


What AW ISO offer:


AW ISO Consultants carry out all the necessary tasks required to implement an ISO 14001 system. We understand that many organisations do not always have the internal resources available, such as time and expertise.


We come to your premises for an initial meeting to understand exactly what your organisations requirements are.  From this meeting we will propose a time scale and a plan of action.


We will usually carry out the consultancy work over a 3-6 month period, where we visit your site 2-4 times a month (or more if necessary), to work with members of your company to help design and set up your ISO 14001 system and prepare it for the external audit.


AW ISO Consultants adopt a flexible work attitude to fit around your company commitments.


During the visits to your site AW ISO Consultants will undertake a mixture of activities which includes management meetings, documentation and training. Following these visits we will keep your organisation updated with a status report on overall project status; work completed during the visit; advice and guidance on any system issues found; recommendations and a schedule of upcoming visits.


Following this the company is then able to apply for certification.



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